As the name suggest, website is a combination of WEB & SITE. Web is computer related activity where as Site denotes the presentation or look. Thus website is simply the reflection of a company or organization or business on electronic devices such as computer, laptop, tablets or mobile phones etc. with the use of Internet. Digitalization has given a new direction of every business and website becomes the requirement of every organization to get recognition in today’s technological world. In simple terms, website is an online reflection of any organization which shows the real & professional side of any business organization.

Every individual entrepreneur wants to earn his/her name in the business world. To acquire a famous position, one should have some visible proof of its presence and Website is the only reliable, cheaper and convenient source of visibility and online recognition. Anyone who hear about any company or organization, always search for the related information through search engines. And the company having an online identification can easily be reached through search devices with the use of internet connection.

For example, someone is looking for the school in Gurgaon to get the admission for his child then he will go for the search engines. Search engines will reflect those schools that are having websites. And so the audience will be able to reach those schools.

Now, very few people go for the newspaper article or classifieds, otherwise every educated person having the advance technology in form of phones, PCs, laptops, Tablets etc. to search for anything. So because of this advance technology, it is highly recommendable to have a website. Every Individual, small & medium sized organization is looking for making websites so that they could be visible in open market and can compete with the old market segments & thus acquire a right place in clients’ life.

Actually a website is an open picture of any organization pertaining to ts profile, aim, vision, mission, services or products, portfolios etc. which reflects the whole information of an organization. A website reflects the each and every aspect of the company which a company wants the target audience to search. To make it more useful, informative, Company takes the help of contents & Images without which a website is nothing.

Thus a website must contain the following aspects:-

  • Proper website template / theme
  • Proper designing & development
  • Authentic content and images
  • SEO Friendly hosting
  • Regular maintenance ad updating

Above steps make the website complete and successful. Though many organization with individual entrepreneur run their business without having website. They too earn the profit but not the social & online recognition & reputation which is most important to be in open market for long-term.

Thus having website brings the numerous advantages which are as follows:-

  • Attracts maximum numbers of Internet users
  • Online Reputation & Recognition
  • Reflective profile of the company
  • Target maximum clients
  • Impressive look and feel
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