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Website designing is a responsible job in today’s highly competitive world. In present tech savvy world, website designing has become a broad concept due to which several high profile brands are emerged and made their survival easier for them. In technology world, a website has become the very first thing which reflects the business of the company therefore each businessman is keen to have an incomparable website for their brand. As a result the brands are interested in having a professionally designed website that can earn reputation, status, high reach and business from their customers. In simple words, a professionally designed website is the face or every businessmen, it is the only door for customers to get entry and exit.


Website and logo are the two important aspects in today’s tech centric world as it empowers businessmen to present their online existence, product and services. A website design is a blend of content, images, video, products, services, company’s important information along with their contact number and email address, etc. All these elements make a complete website for businessman which reflects their motive, working procedure, delivery of product and service as a whole. All these important information are designed in such a way that not only attract customers but enables them to understand the business as well.


With the changing trend, a lot of updates have come into existence due to which the demand of website designing has also changed a lot. In this tech savvy world, people are more likely to access internet or web through their mobiles. As a result, companies started designing mobile websites for their customers to give better user experience. Thus, professionals learn to design mobile website which helps the businessmen in various aspects like reach has increased along with popularity and many more. Later with the emergence of tablet, the companies decided to have a website which runs on all three platforms including desktop, mobile and tablets. As a result, the emergence of “Responsive website design” (RWD) has emerged.


Today most of the professionals are getting into RWD concept as per the latest trend. Responsive website design is all about a concept in which the design will be constant and it’s just adapts a new appearance for optimal viewing on all sized screens including laptop, desktop, smart phone, mobile and tablet. This enables a unique experience to customers. Therefore with the changing scenario the website designing is also getting change and meet the need of customers.


 Some of the website designs are:-

   1. Static Website Designing

   2. Dynamic Website Designing

   3. E-Commerce Website Designing

   4. Real Estate Portal Website Designing

   5. Mobile friendly responsive website designing