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Responsive Website Designing is a technique which makes the website accessible on all different platforms or browsers along with different devices. A website designed on this phenomenon can easily adapts the screen size in which it gets open. It is adaptable and flexible in nature which easily gets open on different devices including tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mobile, desktop, laptop, etc. Due to its liquid layout format, the technique is becoming popular and user-friendly for professionals day by day all over India. Now, professionals just need single website which can be accessible through various devices, this certainly saves money at client’s end. As it is optimal viewing in nature therefore, professionals need not to think about user experience, they certainly get best user experience through RWD concept.


Ethan Marcotte, The web designer & developer, speaker and author has coined a term in one of his articles, “A List Apart”, which is widely popular as “Responsive Website Design”. “Responsive Website Design” has emerged as a turning point or level which took the website designing to an extensive level. The emergence of intuitive and interactive web design has changed the earlier trend of website designing. Now, the newly coined term RWD has become the first preference of most of the businessmen. As the scenario is more likely to be updated with the latest technology, therefore, the companies are even converting their existing websites into RWD. The high demand of Responsive Website Design is likely to get an additional boost in future. As a result, businessmen at current scenario are looking to boost their responsive version.


Benefits of RWD:- 


Google Recommends:

Responsive Website Designing is recommended by Google as it doesn’t need separate mobile URL, desktop URL or any other device’s URL. It is easy to access on different platforms. So, Google’s Developers and Webmasters recommend it.


Better SEO:

As there is only one URL for optimization as a result, professionals find it easy to focus on single URL and different strategies. The perfect optimization of a website including on-page and off-page optimization strategies boost website’s ranking on all search engines.


Better user experience:

The optimal viewing of the website makes it perfect to access on several devices and gets best user experience in comparison to other regular websites.


Cost Effective:

Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars in developing effective responsive websites on desktop, mobile, tablet etc, spend only one time on RWD. It has emerged as one time investment phenomenon.


Increase conversions into sales:

Visitors who generally visits the website for a single glimpse will certainly become customers of the same site. In this manner, the site starts getting maximum conversions and sales through it.


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